Public Dreams Featured On VFS Website

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Public Dreams

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I proudly present to you my final project in the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School. I wanted to create a piece of motion that would not only serve my needs as a student conceptually and technically, but also help out an organization that may not otherwise be able to afford this type of promotion.The Client for this project is a nonprofit organization called Public Dreams Society, who strengthens and unites communities by promoting engagement in the arts within Vancouver. One of the major events they put on is a lantern festival called Illuminaires. They currently do not promote the event aside from some posters and requested a promotional motion spot be created that will credit the event to PDS, celebrate 25 years, and direct people to both the website and event location. I feel that the finished project has strengthened the brand, bringing more sponsors and given cause for more events.

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Please Please Me

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Anything But Static

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Recently I had the opportunity to take a break from my final project and rest, and aside from blowing things up on Independence day and sleeping in a few times I decided to sit down and just start creating for fun. I had seen a few different pieces lately that I wanted to use as inspiration, so this is what I came up with.

Song: Do It For Me Now – Angels & Airwaves

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Twist And Shout

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Last night I got home and was about to head to bed and instead started playing around in Illustrator and C4D and ended up with in my opinion was a rad graphic using only HDRI lighting and muted colors.

Mumford & Sons Live at Webster Hall

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I was graced with tickets to a newer band that I am really growing to love from my soon to be sister in law, and the concert was really really dope. I didn’t take any photos or anything but I found this video of them playing the exact same show in new york and its a great sum of what I was able to see. They just feel it in there bones, check ’em out!

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Match Moving Test 2

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A match moving and compositing test for the up and coming Public Dreams Society promo.

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Match Moving Test

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A match moving and compositing test for the up and coming Public Dreams Society promo.

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Using Cinema 4D to play with animation/render settings, HDRI lighting, and materials. Grading and such done in AE.Song: Bone House – The Dead Weather

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The Rebel Kind Case Study

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The official brief given to me was to choose and create a Title Sequence for 1 of 5 film or TV shows that were already in preproduction and production.
I created a vintage and rich sequence that set a familiar and used tone, taking inspiration from sequences such as Cadillac Records, Blow, Seven, and Parenthood.
A couple months ago when given the different briefs on sequences that needed to be done, none of which seemed to stand out to me like The Rebel Kind did. I felt that in order to do a project like this I really needed to enjoy the topic and relate to it. Being a music lover, especially of harder rock and roll, and punk, this seemed to be the perfect fit. Creating something that would accurately set up this 80’s punk band in the proper light, immediately had my brain overflowing with ideas and possible concepts.
Now that I had this band and their unique music, I had to take all these ideas and start to combine them to fit the task at hand. Using the packet of information, the project brief, and a handful of pictures that came with the brief, I started to string together different scenarios and I was able formulate this film synopsis:
How would it look if someone were to describe what the everyday life of an 80’s punk rocker or fan looked like using video and images, better yet combine this with actual events from the band The Modernettes and you’ve got The Rebel Kind. One of the pictures showed the band standing beside a street sign titled main and 13th, another piece of information was an article written about them claimed the bass player and lead guitarist got together after she threw a brick through the front window of a Cadillac full of jocks after they were cat calling her. Using these real personal stories and trying to accurately recreate them, while using images of graphitized clubs, a record player, a guitar amp, a touring van, a possible ‘morning after scene’ of leopard print high heels and a suit jack at the foot of a bed helped to play the big part of set design and give, along with other fictitious scenarios, helped create a realistic piece filled with character and life.
I had to spend just over 3 weeks filming the actual piece using two different cameras, because of the variations between availability and distance of locations. One day was spent getting out door shots such as the street signs and phone booth, while others were more spur of the moment. For instance the shots involving the red lit hallway and record player were a last minute phone call made to a friend who asked me to meet him at the club before it opened in an hour and it was about 30 minutes away and it was raining and I to carry the camera gear. Some other shots were filmed at my fiancées apartment such as the martini and cigarettes, lipstick, and morning after. Once these beautiful shots were captured, it was just a matter of cutting together with an attitude filled song by the Modernettes themselves. I added some classic film burns and flares and rich color grading to really add to the mood. In the end, I produced a piece that successfully captures the mood that I was looking for.

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